Friday, June 12, 2009


These drawings were from photographs sent to me by Ann. She made a special request for me to make portraits of them in pencil. The original photos are here in her blog.



ann said...

wow! clear sila dito, dun sa akin medyo malabo.

Mari said...

Nagtaka nga ako kung bakit nagkaganoon, Ann. Natagtag siguro sa biyahe. LOL

A place meant only for me said...

WOW!! they are stunning.
fabulous work done. :)

Ebie said...

Hi Mari, dinalaw ko ang bahay ni Ann, ang linaw linaw, I don't see the difference on the clarity. What great talent you have. I love your work.

docgelo said...

Hi Mari. You've got tons of interesting stuffs here, i'll browse then whenever possible. Thanks for leaving a comment on my recent post (you blog hopped from nance. you're most welcome to drop by again and view my previous posts. i'll link your blog with mine. thanks!

REDLAN said...

kakainggit ka talaga mari. ako hindi talaga marunong magsketch ng portrait. tsk tsk. galing mo, kuhang-kuha

Unseen Rajasthan said...

Fantastic sketches !! I Realy Loved them..Amazing...Also I Have Started My Own Website And Would Like You To Have A Look At It.I Would Love To Have Your Comments On That Also.Unseen Rajasthan

Nance said...

I visited Ann's captured their likeness so well, dudette! thumbs up!
I want to see more of your drawing, please? ;)

Lalaine said...

galing po ako sa blog ni mami ann... galing nyo po. thumbs up! =)

lady cess said...

Wow! ang galing mo talaga! kuhang-kuha mo, much better than the work of those i see in the malls.

Mari said...

A place meant only...,
I'm flattered.


Ann's was blurry at first, but when I posted mine, she replaced hers with ones from my blog.

Thanks for the compliment.

Mari said...

I'll link you to mine as well.


Try it. It was hard for me before, but with practice I've learned little by little.

Thanks for the drop.

Mari said...

Unseen Rajasthan,
I've just visited your blog. It's cool.

Thanks for your visit.

Thanks for the thumbs...up. I'll give you five. LOL

You know, I was debating...with myself...LOL...if I should post that on my art blog, but what the heck. Anyplace is good enough.


Mari said...

Salamat. Tumaba yata ang pusod ko...ay, puso, pala.

Thanks for the visit.

lady cess,
Kilig ako. He he

Take care.

Sandy said...

Wow, these are great Mari!! Good job.

Photo Cache said...

These are truly good. You are such a talented artist.

One time pag ready na lahat can I ask you to do a sketch for me too. Let me know how much you charge okay?

Am a big fan.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

clear nila lahat..........

akala ko si ann itong babae, anak pala nya.

galing mo talaga...............

ghee said...

kudos to you,Mari!ang galing mo talaga!di mo na kailangan lagyan ng names dahil alam na namin kung sino ;)

btw,sinunod ko ang payo mo,nagtanim na rin ng "konting" veggies.

happy weekend!!

dodong flores said...

Nice sketches...

Mari said...

Thanks for the visit.

Photo Cache,
Okay. Send me your email addy when you're ready.


Buti naisipan mong magtanim. Meron ng bunga ang mga green beans ko. Malapit na rin ang okra. Sarap ang bagong pitas na gulay.

Salamat sa puri...nabusog ang puso ko. LOL

Thanks for the visit.