Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer is here!

One day more and officially it's here. Though right now the sky has turned gloomy again and there's a little chill in the air. Truly our weather is unpredictable. Mother Nature is going nuts. LOL

Yesterday was the first day of my Summer art class. The sun was up and no clouds were hindering its blazing rays and everyone was dressed light. A handful of old students were gathered at the quad when I got there at 9:30 in the morning. A few new faces were sitting quietly around the concrete tables. The teacher came in a few minutes later. She apologized profusely for coming in late. Then we piled behind
her as she unlocked the door and we all stepped inside the room as we gathered our painting gears.

The sky was so clear...except for a few scattered clouds.
The view from the school atop the hill.

(click image to enlarge)

That's how hot it was yesterday afternoon - 82F deg. or 30C deg.

During the last few weeks of the Spring semester, I did not attend the class. That was a point when I could not create anything interesting to paint. I have turned away from copying other people's creative work - photos or paintings. It's cheating. I'm cheating on myself. So there I was at a standstill and could not make myself to go to the class. My teacher in my Fall class had more interesting subjects for us to paint; but she left the class to teach art in high school. She is a cheery and hip kind of person. I like the way she taught us, her students.

Now I'm back in the class.

I didn't have any materials or subject to paint, so I painted something from memory. It was a scene I've seen when I was a kid. I was six years old then, I think. And the scene keeps popping in my head. I remember it was somewhere in the north, my mom's hometown in the Ilocos Region. How I got there, I have no recollection. I was there is all I can remember, and the scene had been embedded in my head after all these years. It was a nice, tranquil scenery up in the mountain.

I painted the scene in an 8" x 10" canvas. I need to work some more on it, maybe, in a couple of days. Hopefully, it would come out as close to what I see in my mind.


Ebie said...

Hi Mari, that's a scenic view from the top! I was also thinking of taking some art classes at the LAVC extension (Adult Ed), to refresh, my artistic side of my brain is rusted. I will check their schedule but I don't want to take classes at night.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Happy summer begin, Mari.

presently, our weather here is cloudy and showering....hindi maganda ang summer begin.

wow, very nice view sa pics sky....the the view, ganda.

i am also very eager, what bernie´s surprises me.....he enroll me to a photography course for beginner........

..he makes me surprised, kasi he´s happy of my new

but the course started first on Sept-autumn sana matuloy, eager na rin ako to see my teacher, mates and of course, back to a school room.......

ay oo nga, kung we are kapitbahay, you are always or we´re always meet to have a chat or eating together and exchange of

i have to go now, have to cook for lunch....

bye and have a nice sunday with your hubby.


Nance said...

I can't wait to see the result! Painting from memory is a real challenge and takes a lot of imagination BUT I have confidence in you, dudette! ... YOU can do it!

dodong flores said...

Hi, Ms. Marie...

It's good to see a summer blue skies up there. Here in Manila, the weather is still unpredictable...

I'd love to see in painting those scenes you have in mind from when you were still six years old. Please show it to us when it's done...

Mari said...

Hey, that's great. Go girl, awaken that artistic talent in you.

Yeah, check out their website and let me know. I'm also taking their adult ed...and it's free. Actually, it's your tax dollar working for you. LOL

Mari said...

Magandang hobby yang photography. At mabuti rin na kumuha ka ng klase para mas alam mo ang gagawin. Magiging expert ka niyan...maging professional photographer ka pagnatapos ka.

Ang bait ni Bernie, at surprise pa para sa iyo.

Yup, kung kapitbahay tayo laging kainan at tsismis. LOL

Mari said...

I was looking at the painting this morning and it was kind of blah. But I'll have to try and finish matter what it takes. Kamote na siguro ang labas. LOL

Mari said...

Well, finally, summer is here. It's hot...really hot at times, but it's not humid. We don't sweat like you do in the Philippines.

I'll try my best to finish the painting then I'll post it here when I'm done. I hope I get as close to it as I can.

Thanks all for the visit.

Photo Cache said...

I'm still in the process of moving Mari. When I'm all settled in I will contact you about that thing.

lady cess said...

i was going to say you don't need to attend a class, you should be teaching one. then i realized, oo nga pala, we all need to strive to improve our skills. still can't believe you need to hone anything e super galing ka na, but cheers to going a level higher than where we are! can't wait to see your new project!

docgelo said...

wow, a painting from a childhood memory... ilocos! it would be more meaningful for you, i bet.

i wish i also know how to paint or even draw from my recall. may selective amnesia pa naman ako,

that's pure talent you have.

Mari said...

photo cache,

lady cess,
Lol, I'm not even half way there. I need to do more to even consider myself a painter.
Thanks for the nice compliment.

Well, I'll see how it'll turn out. It might end up in limbo.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

nakabalik nga ako, .....
pagkatapos ng kain, naggrocery kami,
pagkatapos, gusto pang maglakad-lakad sa field

tawag ko sa malapit sa amin na park- field ko or namin....

Thanks too...presently, enjoy ako ng shot ng shot, kahit anong makita.
lalo na kung maglakad-lakad ako, hindi ako na boring, kahit ilang oras sa labas.

Magiging expert ka niyan...maging professional photographer ka pagnatapos ka. ............aguy,,,,,,,,,,heheheh
ilang sakong bigas pa kaya ang kakainin ko nito,

basta, enjoy ako, at least may katutuwaan ako.

have a nice weekend........advance na lang akong magsay, kasi

bukas, bc ako.....i have to wrk sa AM, then ortho. appointment, tapos grocery in asia store.....

friday, gawain ko lahat for kim´s bday,
PM---eye doc. appoint.....magbake pa ako ng Cake.....

sat.AM wrks ako up to 1pm,
then the family comes at 4pm----coffee and dinner dito sa bahay.

sunday prepare naman for Monday, sascha´s bday........

tues....appoint. sa dentist....
weds....appoint in my Surgery doc. sa stuttgart, an hr to drive.

hay, ano ba ito, hindi ko na-plan ang mga appointments ko.

Pero, kaya ko pa

thanks again....

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

Yup, kung kapitbahay tayo laging kainan at tsismis. LOL

how nice..........meron sana akong very close friend na i can talk everything.

thank you