Monday, July 27, 2009

And we walked...

...some more.

(Enlarge images by clicking.)

Broadway street had changed so much from the last time I've seen it. This portion of it where we were walking--between the 7th and 5th streets--has deteriorated. The demographic had changed. There was a stench in some areas. The sidewalk is patched up unevenly, and covered with chewing gum. Most of the buildings have been neglected, abandoned.

As I look at them, I can still see the beauty in them despite the grime and the graffiti.

These buildings have seen better days, perhaps, in the 1930's or 1940's. During those days this must have been the place to watch the latest movie and see plays on stage. This street is the theater district or was the theater district. Nowadays movie houses are in malls and other areas of the city. And the latest stage plays and musical shows are held at the Music Center which is only a few blocks away.

This movie house has been spruced up. It must be one of those buildings bought for a song and brought to life by the new owner.

Close up of building above.

This building has some intricate lattice work.

At the corner of 5th street on Broadway, we made a right turn--going east.

We made it to the corner of Main where we were to catch another bus. This street doesn't look good. There's a man in a wheelchair and seems to me he is asleep. He has been that way the whole time we were there.

We waited for about 15 minutes or so, but the bus never came. We crossed the street going north to try the other bus stop.

At this block the place is cleaner and business is brisk. There is a cafe with outdoor dining. Right across the cafe a building is being renovated, a developer bought it for a paltry $100,000.00 in 1988. It was built in the 1930's. This is the old bank district, the area that is now being revitalized.

No bus still. The route must have been changed. At this point we were already tired and decided to take the bus that goes back to the Union Station.

We crossed the street...again...heading west toward those two buildings (above). That was about 4 or 5 city blocks.

When I took the picture above, a guy offered himself for a model, but my husband readily said, "No." The guy, about late 30s, wearing a leather vest, leather gloves with finger tips cut off, giggled and walked on. Ha! Take his picture and then he would charge me a fee for that. I'm not that gullible.

We passed this square across the street. Little did we know that there is a subway station down under that leads to the station where we were headed. Ah, we are not city slickers. We are suburbanites...we didn't know where we were heading. Mga tanga sa siudad.

We continued walking, this time uphill. Gasp...hingal...hingal...whew... Finally, we got to the bus stop and the bus came in a few minutes. We hopped on, and in a few the Union Station is right there. We can rest our tired souls before our train pulls in...then we board and we're home....


Nance said...

You are a good story teller, dudette, I felt like I was with you on that trip, minus the hingal (pant) lol
It's too bad... some of the buildings still have nice architectures but being unattended they might come down one day.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

yes, a great story teller.........parang kasama ako sa city adventure nyo.

thanks, thanks........enjoy reading and viewing the pics.

oo nga, yon si mamang nandoon sa w-chair, nakaawa naman, bakit kaya nandoon lang cya doon sa way.......bakit hindi umuwi sa bahay para maka hinga.....nasaan kaya ang mga anak o asawa.

sigi, uwi muna ako, it´s 12 noon na pala, ang plansahin ko naghintay....routine na talaga itong plansahan ko.

have a nice day............

thanks pala sa greetings for kim and for my nephew........thank you

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

oo nga..........hingal..........

hingal din ako last sunday, invited by malou to have a day tour in rhinefall in swiss..........ay hingal at na nervous ako, kasi pumunta kami sa island tapos akyat paitaas, ....sakay naman ng tourist boat na para sa akin parang malunod?...going down?

share ko lang, saka na, kasi feeling ko.....masaya na masaya..........can´t believe what my brother achieved....

Thnaks again.

Ebie said...

Hehehe, yes its true the Downtown area has drastically changed. But there are some buildings that have been preserved. If you had walked across from Clifton's towards Olive, you would have seen an Art display in one of the old builings. There is also a subway stop on Pershing Square, no more hingal na sana.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

hahaha.... what an ending to the sage. I enjoyed much of your story with pictures progressing to prosperity from its beginning. And you have thoroughly narrated the history in its fine detail. But the buildings downward are truly impressive with its elegant sculptured pillars whatever you call them. Sometimes when you feel that you are lost in the city let alone in the transition, don't worry, just keep going! Nobody knows that you were lost. Huwag lang magpahalata. When it can't be help, ask. No one will laugh at you.

Salamat sa imong nobela. hahaha nag enjoy gyud ko basa.

Bet when you get home, kuha ka dayon sa imong brush and palette and easel.


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi mari,

oo nga, ayoko sanang sumakay sa boat, tapos akyat sa itaas, up to the pole......hindi nga hanggang middle lang ako, kasi nag-shaking na ang knee ko.

maraming salamat sa comments---brother ko, thank you.

vacation na si bernie, hindi ko alam kung saan kami, walang plano.

anyway, maganda din dito sa amin, kahit na magbike-walking lang kami sa nearest park n forest.

have a nice summer season..........

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ay oo nga, ano itong sabi ni....BB

brush and palette and easel.

hindi ko na-gets, para ano ito, kung hingal na tayo?
kasi ganoon din ako si hingal.......hehehehe

thanks again............

Photo Cache said...

It's always nice to be a tourist in your own backyard.

SF is just 20 miles away and 4 dollar toll away from us but we like to pretend sometimes to be tourists. We park the car and walk and walk and shoot and shoot as well.

I enjoyed the tour.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

Hi Mari, I think it has been awhile since the last time that I was here. Well, it is so nice to be here again. Thanks for sharing the photos. :)

Mari said...

Well, friend, I need to lose that 4 pounds I gained last year. It's still hanging waist. LOL And walking is one way to make it disappear.

Some developers are converting the old buildings into lofts, condominiums and parking garages. Hopefully, they will all be saved from the wrecking ball.

Mari said...

Siguro homeless yung tao kaya ganoon na lang siya.

Hingal ka naman sa pa-akyat at nerbiyos ka pa. LOL Pero masaya ka naman at nakapunta sa ibang lugar pa kasama pa ang kaibigan mo.

Salamat sa bisita.

Mari said...

Photo Cache,
Yeah, it's fun walking in the backyard...and shoot, and shoot.

I'm glad you enjoyed the tour.

Mari said...

We'll try that art display next...if we happen to be there again. Yeah, we missed that sub station.

Thanks for the tip.

Mari said...

I'm glad you liked the story of my mini-adventure.

I'm doing a pen and ink drawing for the next post.

Thanks for the advice.

Mari said...

Yung brush ay para sa pag-painting. Yung palette lalagyan ng oil color, at yung easel lalagyan ng canvas para sa painting. Ibig sabihin ni Bonnie ay i-painting ko ang nakita ko.


Mari said...

Am glad you liked the pictures.

Thanks for the visit.

dodong flores said...

Hello, Ms. Mari!
This is a very good photo essay. It is exactly a virtual walkthrough for me and I was going with you in this Broadway place. It's sad to know the fact that what was once a glorified place is now very much deteriorated. It's just synonymous to our very own city of Manila.
I noticed those parked bicycles in the seventh and eighth photo. I assume Broadway is bicycle friendly. As a bicycle enthusiast, I am always delighted if I know a certain urban place is bicycle friendly.
Before I forgot, your photos are of typical Canon photo quality :)

Mari said...

Yes, that side of downtown made a downturn. On the west side, however, where those 2 tall buildings are, it's a much better area. Buildings are more modern with the latest equipments, and designs.

Bikes are always welcome in all places here...even inside the train. Lanes are provided for them, alongside regular car lanes. We are encouraged to use them to reduce pollution.

Yes, my camera is a Canon Power Shot I purchased 6 years ago. I'm saving for a dslr.

I'm glad you liked the tour.

Thanks for the visit.

Tita Beng said...

Hi Mari! My first time here in your verrrry interesting blog. I sure will come back coz I'm linking you now! I enjoyed strolling down Broadway Street and other places with you.

Thanks for the visit. ..and thanks to Nance too coz you came from there to mine. See you again soon!

Ebie said...

Hi Mari, I have been reading the commentaries. Did you know that they are going to raze the Century Plaza in the west side?
I have worked in Downtown forever, and there are a lot of beautiful old and historic buildings. Tell me when you want to come and we can join a walking tour or do it ourselves. Yesterday I was at the Library and the other day I was at Pershing squeare. I did pretty well with my shots. I can compare my photos taken at different times and seasons. Just give me a holler, we can do it on weekends, or I can check out the schedule. All you need is a pair of good walking shoes.

Mari said...

Tita Beng,
I'm glad you enjoyed my mini-adventure. It is fun re-discovering old places.

Nance, is a very good friend of mine. I will link you as well.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

Hyatt Regency Century Plaza is going to be razed? Oh, my! I was working at the interior design company of that building when they (int. designers) were working on it. I have not been to that place, though.

My first time to see Pershing Square I wanted to go there and sit. When I got close, however, winos occupied the benches. Eeuww.

Great idea. Send me your email address and I'll let you know. Walking is fun. I'm always ready with my walking shoes.

dodong flores said...

Glad to know the place is bicycle friendly :)
By the way, this place must be an interesting photography subject just like the old Manila :)