Friday, July 31, 2009

Children on the street

As I sat on the bus, I thought about that woman on the corner of 6th and Broadway streets. She has a news stand at the edge of the sidewalk, a few inches from the curb.

Click image to enlarge

The woman sat by her merchandise cuddling her baby. And among her stacks of newspapers and magazines was a small niche where her other child - about 2 years old - is confined to playing in that small area. Nearby is the baby's stroller tucked close to her other merchandise. Around her are people waiting for the bus, or for the signal to cross the street.

It saddened my heart to see these children right there exposed to the elements; to contagious diseases floating in the air. These kids should be playing in a yard, or at least in the confines of their home.

Perhaps she can't find someone she can trust to care for her children while she ekes out a living. With a meager earning,
to hire a baby sitter would be out of the question.

The bus turned a corner and Union Station is in sight.


Ebie said...

Hi Mari, you have such a photographic memory. Your rendition of this sketch comes to life. It is true some parts of downtown LA has changed quite a bit. The woman is making an honest living, rather than going to the Union Rescue Mission, but like you said, the kids are exposed to bad elements.

Tita Beng said...

You're a keen observer. And you draw with detail distinctness. Great talent!

Thanks for sharing what you see and observe over there in LA.

Nance said...

You have a photographic memory my friend!
Sad but sometimes we have no choice... and have to make do of what is available. I admire that lady though, she is trying to make an honest living.

Mari said...

That's right. She's making an honest living.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

Tita Beng,
I should be a detective. LOL

Thanks for the drop.

Mari said...

I have bionic eyes. They go click when I see something interesting.

Right. An honest living to feed her brood.

Thanks for the visit, friend.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

If I was there, no problem, I will be her willing volunteer. I like helping people like her.

Great creation with Humanity for a theme.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Mari, your art work needs some paint brush from Down Under. :)

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi mari,

reading your post, na touch ako.

ja,the kids belong to a place like yard, playing together with same age.
not like this place.

we have also like this in city, i don´t know why, sitting at the street and begging for cents for foods n shelter.

totoo kaya ito?...some do this for business, they used their kids, so the passer-by feel pity at her.

you have a nice sketches her.......galing mo talaga.

thanks for the compliments sa pics ko.

happy sunday...........

nandito lang kami sa bahay, sunday sana nice to have a walk together with bernie, kaya lang umulan.

hoping next week, we have a nice weather...........


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

galing ng drawing mo..........lalo na ang subject, clear n with meaning.

sana ang new hobby ko, kasing galing sa mga gawa mo or improve as yours.

eager already for herbst semester, para maka-learn na ako, with anybody explaining it.

thanks for sharing.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi mari,
balik ko..........meron akong message para ki Mr. Dodong Flores,
dito ko i-send ha?
kasi, i visited him.,...ewan, hindi ko makita ang comments bar, ewan bakit hindi ko nakita.

i know he always visit you, kaya dito na lang ko i-txt ha?

baka hindi na siya mag-visit sa akin, ulit.

thanks ha?

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

TO. Mr. Dodong Flores,

thank you very much for the visit and comments.

sorry, i can´t find your comments bar.
nalibat siguro ko, tulpok-balik-balik ko sa imo blog, pero wa gyd nako kita.

thanks again.


Cza said...

Hi! :) I'm guessing you were blog-hopping from Dennis. Haha! Thanks for the visit. I will frequent your blog as well. Loving it so far. :)

Mari said...

That would be nice.

Thanks for the meme. Will do it ASAP.

Mari said...

Kahit saan yata may ganyan. Dito nga America na meron din, lalo na sa ibang bansa.

Oo, magaganda ang mga kuha mo. Magaling kang kumuha ng litrato. Lalo na kung mag-attend ka ng Photo Class.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

Ako rin hanap ng hanap ng comment box ni Dodong, hindi ko makita. May diperensya ang blog niya. Nag-iwan na lang ako ng comment sa ibang blog niya. Sana ayusin niya ang comment box niya.

Mari said...

Yeah, you're right, it's at Dennis' blog. LOL

Thanks for the visit.

Photo Cache said...

Very nice post Mari. Although, this kind of situation is evident every where.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

abi ko ako lang ang may problema aning dodong flores. so hindi pala ako nag-iisa. kinsa gani ang singer aning kantaha?

dodong flores said...

Hi, Ms. Mari. I am amazed at how you could exactly draw a certain instance/situation. I agree with Ms. Ebie. You have a photographic memory.
She is no different from those street peddlers we have here in Manila. It's so sad her baby is exposed to the elements at that tender young age.

I apologize you couldn't comment into my blog. I have a commenting problem issues in my blog. I'm having a hard time working out for the solution... The problem is only addressed if you're using Firefox.

backpacking philippines said...

street children eh? kids should never be exposed to harsh world for they'll grow up to be unproductive members of society

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi mari,


thank you very much......."Magaling kang kumuha ng litrato.".....sana i can attend photo classes na, para ma-improve ang technik ko and know-how.
Thank you ha?

ay oo nga, i visited again, Dodong flores, ganoon pa rin, hanap ako ng hanap....tapos nakita ko ang name mo,...naka post-comment ka doon.

thanks, i visit your blog, ito nabasa ko ang reply nya.

You know, this week sabi ng weather-broadcast, we have a weekdays,"Summer days", parang feeling ko pinas na....
maka homesick............

this sat. we visit the grandma of bernie, she´s 95yrs.old.....
She called bernie the other week that we visit her together with kim n sacha.

kaya this sat. we plan to visit her, tuwang-tuwa cya.

have a nice day........... thanks summer na dito sa amin, panay hiking namin ni

sakit ng paa n binti ko sa kalalakad.....

pero ok lang basta, lakwatsa.

again, thank you very much.


lady cess said...

for a while there, i thought you're describing the streets of manila :) . buti nga dyan may stroller, sa roxas blvd karton ang kuna nung sanggol.

Mari said...

Photo Cache,
Yup, you're right.

Yes, you're not alone. LOL

It happens everywhere. Though in some instances, others have it worse.

No wonder, I have Firefox.

I guess, the mother had no choice. Let's pray for the best for the youngsters.

Masarap ngang maglakwatsa. Kahapon lakad na naman kami at pa akyat pa. Hingal ulit. Ha ha Eksersays naman yun, ano?

lady cess,
The same situation, though, the mother here had it better.

docgelo said...

that scene is also apparent in streets of manila. kids of all ages, mostly babies are exposed to street life and worse, pollution and diseases at a young age.

your sketch has character. i like it a lot. thanks for sharing. :D

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

mabuti na lang nag-open ako dito.....

Eksersays..........galing ng word mo.....bago ko naman


hingal nga.....ito si bernie, laging lakad, pag-hindi ako sasama, sabihin, anong gawin mo dito?...wala ang mga bata......naka upo lang at kain lang daw ang gawa ko.............hahahaha

have a nice day...........

ay oo nga, i look again sa pics....traffic pala...........

thanks ha,