Friday, August 14, 2009

I sliced the eggplant...and ouch!

when the knife hit my finger i prayed it would only be like a paper cut. it was not! i saw a deep cut with blood ready to ooze out. i grabbed a paper towel right away and ran to my husband and showed it to him. he dropped what he was doing and ran upstairs with me right behind him.

i snatched a clean pair of pants from the closet; pulled it on with one hand. blood was dripping on the carpet, on the bed and on my pants. my husband got some cotton and pressed them on my finger; wrapped them tight with paper-like tape. then he helped me put on my t-shirt.

we drove down to urgency care about 10 miles away.

we got there. i registered; paid my fee and waited for my call. waited and waited,,,and waited. after half an hour a nurse called me. she got my vital signs then led me to a room and made me sit. she said i'd be the doctor's first patient when he comes in. it was half past 12 noon already. the doctor must've gone to lunch.

i heard people talking in the hallway; footsteps. then silence. everyone left? they forgot me? hello? i'm dying here.

i heard footsteps again. the nurse passed my door and said, the doctor will be right with you. i thanked her. then she was gone.

a few minutes later a man garbed in white came in the room. his tag said, dr. tran, family practice. he's lightly built; about 5'-3". first thing he asked me was, what i was cutting. if i cut meat also. no, just vegetable, was my reply. can you bend your finger? i did bend it a bit.

he undressed my finger and more blood oozed. he washed it with some kind of liquid; blotted it dry a bit; and injected a topical anesthesia. he then got sutures that the nurse gave him and stitched my cut together. while he was doing that blood was still spurting from some open cut. finally, he got them all stitched up. the nurse cleaned my hand; dressed the finger and sent me off.

that was yesterday. today i am to change the dressing, i'm afraid to look at it. i'll let my nurse, my husband, do it for me.

if it's not fish bone in my throat; cut on my finger; or ear infection it's something else. it's the peril of being alive.


Ebie said...

Oh Mari! what did you do? Poor bleeding finger! I am a chicken when it comes to blood. If that was me, I'd freak out, with all the gushing blood and nobody paid attention at the Hospital? But I am glad all is well. Be careful...
P.S. I'd take that offer to do the walk on a Saturday, hopefully by October, August and September have already been planned. Also, I was at the LA live yesterday, and it was a summer fun for kids and adults sponsored by Lakers and Nike. Check out my post here.
They were giving free Laker Game tickets.

Mari said...

i was bad. i was scared. you know, that kind of oozing blood was no biggie for those people. but they took care of me.! you got free laker game tickets? october would be a good month.

typing with one finger here. lol thanks for the visit. will check out your post.

Nance said...

OUCH indeed! that's some urgency clinic! you have to wait that long?
your cut must be real bad for the doctor to stitch it. it's a good thing mick was there too to help you.
i imagine it's hard to type using the "tuldok" system! lol

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Dear Mari,

Next time you have that incident, if you can find some carbon content material like charcoal or dried ember or even the head of matches, pulverize it and just sprinkle it around the cut to stop the bleeding to save you losing blood.

Then calmly, you call the doctor and tell him, it's emergency with blood loss due to profuse bleeding. That way, you don't have to wait ...

Anyone who read this comment, try to set aside "Uling" or charcoal and pulverize it now, put in a clean jar with a label and store it in a safe place for Emergency.

If charcoal is not available at the time of emergency, apply a torniquet.

There is a certain time of day that bleeding can be profused. In the Filipino superstitious parlance, when the bleeding is profused, that means the sea tide is high. Aw, come on ...

Mari said...

yeah, i waited cuz there were other urgent patients. anyway, the doc took care of me first. RNPs took care of others.

i'll be very careful next time. will be cooking mostly canned veggies, so no slicing. lol

thanks for the concern.

Mari said...

thanks for the charcoal tip.

the problem with calling the doctor is that i'll get a recorded message first that says, "press one for english, press two for spanish. if this is an emergency call blah...blah...blah," if i get to talk to a live person it would tell me to go to urgency care right away.

i'll remember that charcoal. i thought about tourniquet.

thanks much.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

oh my God............mari, while reading your post, my stomach wackle, and sound come out.....grrr, grrrr.......

parang i feel the hurt you felt.
parang ako ang my wound.

ako rin, matatakutin, siguro kung ako dyan sa finger mo, nahihimatay na ako.......ganoon ako, si takot, kahit ano.

tapos, sa hospital, ang tagal naman ng attention nila, normal kung ganoon na, emergency na, support ang care nila sa you,

what waiting for half or more hrs?....naku, ako dyan nagwawala na, bahala kung maingay ako....
or they would say, itong itom na buhok, maingay........i don´t care, basta nasa takot na ako.

naku, ang sakit siguro ano?

hope everything is ok na.......mabuti meron kang private nurse sa bahay mo.

take care and have a nice Sunday.

ang ganda ng darili mo, thin and long.....kaya maganda kang mag-draw or skizzes...


Vk-mahalkaayo said...

to Bonnie Bonsai,

thanks sa rat n tat mo,.....charcoal.

si bernie meron tube na "Brand und Wundgel"-parang tincture? sa kitchen, kasi alam nya si takotin ako.

ma-collapsed dayon ko....talawan kaayo.

thanks sa tips mo.....

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

nance naman.,,,,,,nakatuwa....

Tuldok system......Sandokin na

hindi na daw mag-slicing si Mari, canned vege na lang cya.....daritso na yan, Mari, good idea........heheheh

nakatuwa, nawla ang murmuring sa stomach ko sa tawa......

Have a nice Sunday.........

sigi, off muna ako, nandito na si bernie, galing ng biking, hindi ako sumama, sakit na ang popo ko sa ka bike.........mabuti cya biking-bike talaga sa kanya, sa akin city-bike lang.....hindi ko kaya na

one week more to go.........tapos na free nya.

sorry, mari dito na ako nag telebaba..........

thanks for the space.......ingat ka.

backpacking philippines said...

oohh...must've hurt. a wound on one's hand is hard to caare for and usually keep it dry to heal faster

Photo Cache said...

Oh I would have freaked out big time at the sight of blood.

Take care next time. Hugs.

Tita Beng said...

Hi Mari! That must be one serious cut you had. Imagine, it has to be stitched on?! I'd probably freak out too like the others. Anyway, I hope the cut is drying up by now and you can now make use of your hurt finger. Ingat ingat always!

Mari said...

tuwing maalaala ko ang hitsura ng sugat ko kinikilig ako. ngayon lang ako nasugat ng ganito kalalim. natatakot tuloy akong gamitin yung kutsilyo.

mas marami pang grabeng nasusugatan kaya sanay na siguro sila sa clinic ng ganoon.

naku, ang mga daliri ko malalaki. lol parang daliri ng karpintero. lol

may i-post sana ako pero ang hirap mag-type...isang kamay lang ang ginagamit ko. lol

welcome ka mag-babad dito.

Mari said...

it's hard using only one hand.

yeah, keeping it dry and clean.

Mari said...

photo cache,
i didn't have time to freak out...i guess.

i will be very careful next time.

tita beng,
yup, it was serious. in 2 weeks the sutures will be taken out.

yeah, i will be ingat ingat.

thanks all for the concern.

Bonnie Bonsai said...

kini si VK makabuhi ug patay hahaha

dodong flores said...

Good that it's only the finger or it could have been worse. Yes, I wonder how you enjoy typing for this entry with the "tuldok" system. Hehehe...

bing said...

ouch! that must've hurt!

baka hinimatay ako kung ganyan ang nangyari though i also cut my finger once with a knife, too, pero maliit lang ang sugat. nyay, kakatakot. i can't even look at my finger that time!

Anonymous said...

take your sweet time. you need to stay away from kitchen sink, tell the geek that.

take care and extra careful next time.

miss yah, nini

Mari said...

you're right, it could've been worse.

it's not fun typing with one's overworked.

Mari said...

katakot nga. ayoko ngang naguguni-guni siya hangang ngayon.

what a surprise!!! I've been wondering about you the other day.

anyways, i'm stayin away from that very sharp knife. am using a serrated one now.

thanks for the visit.