Thursday, March 15, 2007

Back to normal I hope.

I suppose my blog is back to normal for now. No one knows what would happen next. There are glitches that come once in a while; blogger or any other blog is not perfect. What I was thinking when my toolbar and post editor were missing is that someone had messed up my blog. That happens. There are a lot going on out there, scams, spams, phishing, defacing, and copying. This last one happened to my friend Nini. A blogger lifted her postings and pasted them on his/her (blogger's) blog. It was thievery or in literary term plagiarism. What we don't know is if it was done randomly and she happened to be the victim, or if it was done to her with malicious intent. Luckily she found out in time, before all her postings were copied. With the help of her friends said blog was flagged which eventually caused it to be suspended.

It doesn't pay, this crime
Might as well clean that grime
Underneath that smelly toilet
That's a better outlet
For an anger one might have.


I was in a quandary when my toolbar was missing. I sought help and went to several places, but I could not find the solution to my problem. In frustration I gave up. I thought it might regenerate and correct itself, and it did. Later on while blog hopping I found the solution to my problem at this blog. It's blogger for dummies...ha ha...just right for me.


nini said...

lol...i need this too - virtual help for a blog dummy like me! fortunately, i have a patient teacher/painter:-)

i hope my kind teacher won't get tired of me.


Mari said...

Oy, there was a kind teacher who taught me how to write poems. That was priceless, you know?