Monday, March 12, 2007

Blogger, I have a problem.


Mari said...

Alright. What now? My toolbar is missing, so is my Compose mode and Preview mode. I wrote on the Edit HTML mode, but it didn't come out. I have so many pictures to post; essays I've written and articles to share with my friends. Help! Help! OR should I change blogsite...but, but....what to do? I sought help, yes, I did. I'm still waiting...waiting. Aargh!

nini said...

i hope someone out there with the same challenge will come out with a good advice.

i haven't opened mine yet but i'll check it out later.


Mari said...

Nini, I went to the old blog, which was not upgraded, and it has everything--edit, compose and preview modes and the toolbar. So, the problem is in the new Blogger. I have gone to group blogger help, and there was no solution as of this time.