Sunday, October 19, 2008

Blue skies

Except for a few scattered clouds, it was a clear day today. The smoke that billowed beyond the hill vanished a few hours after it appeared. I breathe a sigh of relief when it was clear to me that the fire was finally contained. The one on the other side of the valley was contained after 2 days. Thanks to the hard work of the fire fighters, they did their best to save residents and their homes. A few structures were razed to the ground, though.

Having said that, I'd like to thank the following who expressed their concerns and prayed for my safety and my family's, as well.

  • Vicki, nakakatakot nga.
  • Connie, it's scary.
  • Photo Cache, Angel Island, too?
  • Dennis Villegas, yes, we're that close.
  • Ann, yes, it's been a year this month.
  • Nona, sana nga di na maulit.
  • Nance, my friend, we're okay.
  • Lady Cess, we were spared.
  • Nini, my friend, we're okay. Thanks for the special visit.
  • Blogger friends I might have missed.
  • Friends who emailed.
We are still on fire red alert. The tinder dry brush could ignite instantaneously with a flick of a cigarette butt. Hopefully, before another fire flares up, this season will be over.


Nona said...

Another thankful day to celebrate. You are welcome Mari, always. I considered you as one of closest friend here in kahit sinong friend ay ganoon din ang gagawin.
Ingat pa rin.

Dennis Villegas said...

Thank God you're safe! And we will continue to pray for your safety. at buti na lang rin magagaling mga bumbero ninyo at laging alerto :) Hard work and prayer combined together produce positive results.

Nance said...

BIG sigh of RELIEF! Thank God and the firefighters for sparing your valley and for their hard work. I hope the cooler temp will prevent another fire.

Photo Cache said...

Mari, we really could use a lot of rain in Cali. Maybe we should all do a raindance, scare the sun away and bring in all the rainclouds.

Have a good week.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi mari,

thanks everything ok na dyan.
after my visit here, naka TV news ito.

"You won't regret having Nance for a friend Vicki".........

Ikaw rin, i am very happy n lucky to know you both.

thanks for your friendship, mari....


ann said...

Good to hear na ok lang kayo. Dapat pala laging alert kayo dyan. Parang ang hirap yatang makatulog nang mahimbing pag ganyan no?

lady cess said...

whew! glad you're fine. i'll continue to include you and your family in my prayers *hugs*

Mari said...

Thanks for all your prayers, friends. I love you all.

God bless you.