Friday, October 31, 2008

Can you read me?

Enetalemry, t wre heIhat's am back.

I enerolld at an oil ptinaing cassl for altdus this flal at the counimmty clegole in my city. My iructnstor is a lyad who not very lgon ago gruaadted from an art sochol. Her aoapprch to tehinacg is like waht I have known in sochol borefe. Like in my freanehd dwirang cslas in aitecrchture we steartd from the elentaemry - pcenil drawing of simple objects. With my 3B lade in my lead hdoler (meanichcal pnecil) I dwre the vase with a little bit of arehenppsion. It's enbe years ago since I did a dinrawg of this kind with my theacer lonokig from hibend me. I got the sphae, sdhaes, shoadws and peectrspive right, eexcpt that I heav been ginog into orem dietals, like ptinutg in some of the retioflecns. The tcheaer said that the rectifleon won't be terhe if I csloe one eye. I did, and voila! trhee's no rctiefleon. The sthor time I veha been in this cslas I have leneard a lot aealrdy.

I had wtaned so much to laren how to pinat in ilo, and so back in mid-90s I lenroled at an adlut sclas, an nextsione of the High Scholo Distirct...

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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hindi ko muna click yon site na bigay mo sa original na text.

basa ko.......hehehe

bitaw, kuha some wrds.........talino nga ako sa?...heheh

cgi, clik ko muna ang site.....para kuha ko lahat.

Nance said...

whatever! lol

napasukan ba ng virus o "finger" language? he he h e

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hi mari,

nangaluluwa lang po.....

anong gawa mo dyan?

kanina nagpunta lang sa cemetery,visit sa tatay ni bernie,
tapos umuwi, ang lamig dito at ulan pa.

Mari said...

Nahirapan ka ba? LOL I did that just to fill up or update my blog. Maloko si ako. He he.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...

I'm the virus. LOL You know me, I do crazy things.


Mari said...

Kagabi maraming batang nagpunta rito para mag-trick or treat. Nakakatuwa yung maliliit. Ngayong umaga naman umuulan, at palagay ko maghapong ganito. Makulimlim kasi.

Thanks for the visit.

lady cess said...

ok.. after "elementary" i browsed the paragraph and my brain shut down, hahaha!

Mari said...

lady cess,
He he he...that was a brain twister.