Thursday, October 23, 2008

Halloween Already?

Pastel on 10' x 7' black cloth

This is an old pastel drawing I did for Halloween about 3 years ago. I got the idea of using pastel after I had participated in the Street Art Festival some years ago. Not being able to use my driveway for the painting, I dug up the black bed sheet from my linen closet and drew the scene. What to draw would not come to me until the 11th hour (call it cramming). Working on it off and on, it would take me about 3 days to finish it. When I have finalized the drawing, I would spray it with hairspray to keep it from coming off, or to keep it from getting smudged. It would take about 2 cans of hairspray. Then I would tack it on the wall outside by my front door.

The first one I did was of a different scenery. This one above was my 3rd. The artwork would stay for a day more after Halloween. Then I take it off and toss it in my washing machine. Put some detergent, turn the water on and away it work down the drain.

Oh, well, I had fun doing it.


Nance said...

hi dudette,
it was impressive to me then, and still is now. i love the glow of the fire, the witchy :) face of the witch and all those in between! lol
boooo ... it's screamatorium!

Gillian McMurray said...

This is such a great picture. Really scary for Halloween.

Photo Cache said...

Fabulous work of art. You are truly gifted. Are you going to put this up for halloween?

nona said...

awoooooooo.....I could smell the halloween here. Nice work mari, galing mo talaga *wink*
I agree with nance, parang tunay yung glow ng fire pati yung reflection sa damit ng witch.awooo...

Mari said...

Gee, thanks. I used up all my yellow and orange pastel color for that one. Yup.

gillian mcmurray,
That picture had been washed down already. All I have left is a copy of it.
Thanks for the nice comment.

photo cache,
No, this one here is long gone. I washed the sheet after Halloween. I'm going to make another one.
Thanks for the nice compliment.

awoooo. LOL Gagawa uli ako ng para ngayon...kung sipagin. he he he

Dennis Villegas said...

Great art and choice of colors, and great to see all the popular halloween characters in one artwork...Happy Halooween, Mari!

Mari said...

Thanks for the nice compliment.

tutubi said...

wow! such work of art. something my hands can't do :(

Nona said...

Hi Mari, It's been 3 days now that I couldn't open my site. May problema yata ang aming domain,meanwhile pls care to drop by here.

Thank youuu! :)

Eel Wind said...

nice pastel drawing! i agree with nance, the glow of fire is astonishing. I love the clouds around the moon too! ;)

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

ay huwag sayang, ang ganda pa....

ang ganda, mari.

nice pa ang colors nila.

you have a very, very fantastic idea,talented ka talaga, at na paint mo kaagad.

happy halloween.........

lady cess said...

ngek, wala na to? sayang!
kunsabagay, likas ka nang mahusay. so eventhough this art work is gone, you can easily churn out more ;-)