Friday, January 09, 2009

Redondo Beach Revisited

On the last Saturday of the year 2008, my husband and I went to visit Redondo Beach. We had lunch at a restaurant on the boardwalk, then we took a leisurely walk up the pier.
(click images to enlarge)

It was a nice warm day, perfect for strolling, watching, reading, feeding the birds and whatever.

Walking up the ramp near the boat slips we spotted a seabird on its back trying so hard to get back upright. Its head was in the water and it struggled so hard to keep it up for a breath of air, while flailing its legs. Its wing or wings must have been broken. We were rooting for the bird. "Come on bird, come on. Get up. Go...go." But sadly, it lost the battle with the water, died. We could do nothing but watch the little creature drown. The public is prohibited from going in the water on that side as there are big jagged rocks surrounding the railing.

A few yards away was this flock floating, basking in the sun.

Here another seabird lurking, looking for its meal. A small school of fish can be seen at 11:00 o'clock (upper left hand side).

Then the seabird dove in the water, and chased its meal.

Machine, bird and man. That's a sheriff's helicopter flying on a mission somewhere on the beach, where there was trouble. There were 4 of them. Bird was bird watching, looking for lovely chicks. Man ate too much.

A flock of pelicans on a restaurant's roof top.

These pelicans came down from the rooftop to wait for hand outs from a fisherman. Later on a beach police officer came over to stop the fisherman from feeding the birds. He didn't see the fisherman in the act, but his presence was enough to stop the violator.

A fish got lodged in this pelican's pouch. It was in the wrong angle and the pelican could not swallow it. After a lot of twisting, turning and shaking, it finally got it right and swallowed the fish.

And there were those people who could not care less as long as they have each other. Uuuuyyy, kissie...kissie.

On to more fishing for the day's meal.

They bring everything except the kitchen sink. I saw one bring a stove, mind you. Sink is provided for cleaning fish.

A boxful of mackerels, the catch of the day.

Finally, we headed home. And on the freeway we saw Will Smith. Hmmm...did he wink at me?


Nance said...

Hi dudette!
I enjoyed seeing all those pictures! When I visited my brother who lives in Cali, he took us fishing at Redondo Beach, and we caught quite a lot! the mackerels tasted so yummy because they were so fresh!

love that photo of bird, machine and man... your analogy is funny!

ghee said...

beautiful!! perfect weather,scenic view,healthy animals with your husband beside you,you cant ask for more!!

you took the pictures so well,Mari!
and oh,Will Smith was calling you to join him,haha!

Photo Cache said...

Now that is what I call a day well spent.

REDLAN said...

Mariiiiiiiiii, I just read your post today and I like it very much. Your post is one of the best read for 2009.

Medyo busy kasi ako. Ayoko na samantalahin lang ang isang sandali sa pagcomment without reading the whole story. Binalikan ko lang at basahin. I have to take time.

Very informative tong post na to. Feeling ko i was in the scene too. Maganda ang pagkasunod sunod ng scenes. Natawa ako dun sa couple na nag PDA. lol. Teka, sa bawat huli ng isda ba may bayad o it's free?

Regards kay Will Smith. hehe

Mari said...

Nance,gayyem, yeah, they are good when caught fresh. You must've had a lot of fun then. Fishing is fun when the fish are biting...otherwise, it's ho hum.

You liked man, machine and bird? LOL Hey, thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed the pictures.

Mari said...

ghee, yes, it was an enjoyable day. And this time, I made sure I got my camera and had charged the battery.

I can't join Will Smith. He's up there 20 stories high.

Photo Cache,indeed it was.

Mari said...

What is PDA? LOL I'm now behind with new words and acronyms in Tagalog.

You pay a fee for a license to fish, and catch as many as you can. Smaller fishes are thrown back in the water...para lumaki pa sila.

Yup, will let Will Smith know. LOL Salamat naman at nagustuhan mo ang post ko.

Joy said...

It certainly looked like you had so much fun! I would love fish for lunch myself.

Thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comments. Have a great weekend!

A Pinay In England
Your Love Coach
I, Woman

niar said...

your story and picture is seems so great...I like to see many of pelican and sea bird scaterred over the shore and really wonderful God creation, nice experience

satya said...

ur blog is so nice!By the way at your free time try to visit my site.I'll also visit yours often.I'll add you in my blogroll as soon as you visit mine.Hope you'l visit soon.

Vk-mahalkaayo said...

wow nice view, click ko ang pics, nice talaga.

galing, fresh fish.....preskong-presko.

see, makita, so clear ang fish,....4th pics. so clean ang tubig, kasi very clear.....

malayo ba ito sa inyo ang place na ito....remember parang na-post mo yon last visit nyo dito....if hindi ako nagkamali.

tuwa ako sa sabi mo sa pics, oo nga ano, sink na lang hindi dinala, pati higaan nga dala

hala si will smith, nag-wink sa iyo,ooo nakita ko...wara-wara pa.....hehehehe

gusto ko yon serie nya sa tv....ano ba yon, title...nakatira cya sa onkel nya.

cgi, mari, have a wonderful sunday there.......

mabuti kayo naka vacation na, kami wla pa, ewan kailan......

lamig pa masayado dito...nakatamad ilabas, lagi na lang akong naka "BALUKOT sa KUMOT" ko.....

bye n happy sunday.........

Vk-mahalkaayo said...


oo nga ano, yon maliit na fish, ibalik sa sea, sa atin kunin pa kasi masarap kainin, lalo na kung kainin na

dito ibalik or may fine pa kung maghuli ng ganito kaliit.......

backpacking philippines said...

communing with pelicans, eh? never seen those birds up close. i would've gone fishing that day

nona said...

No, Will Smith wink at me Mari hahaha!
Aww...poor little bird tsk tsk.... may it will rest in peace.
Seems the weather is fine at mukhang ang sarap mamasyal diyan, seeing your photos and the way you described nag-enjoy ako. Thanks for sharing Mari dear...and oh, happy new year to you! merry christmas and happy three kings,belated. Huli man daw at nakabati pa rin.

nona said...

No, Will Smith wink at me Mari hahaha!
Aww...poor little bird tsk tsk.... may it will rest in peace.
Seems the weather is fine at mukhang ang sarap mamasyal diyan, seeing your photos and the way you described nag-enjoy ako. Thanks for sharing Mari dear...and oh, happy new year to you! merry christmas and happy three kings,belated. Huli man daw at nakabati pa rin.

Mari said...

Indeed we enjoyed our visit. Hope to go back there again sometime this month.

Thanks for the visit.

Mari said...


Yeah, it's nice to commune with nature.

Thanks for the nice comment.


I have linked you already.


satya said...

Thanks for dropping by try to visit my site often I've added you in my blogroll.

Mari said...

Malayo ang Redondo Beach dito sa amin, abutin ng 45 min.-1 oras na driving. Nag-post na rin nga ako nung isang punta namin...2008 yata yon. Minsan nagdadala sila ng tent din. Si Will Smith sa Fresh Prince of Bel Air, sa tv. Napanood ko rin siya duon.

Oo, ibalik yung maliit na isda para lumaki pa at di tayo maubusan ng isda.


Mari said...

backpacking Phil.,
I got that close to these big birds this time. Come on over and fish here. LOL

I'm glad you enjoyed reading my post.

Happy Holidays to you, as well. Muah!!!

saleel said...

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dodong flores said...

Hi, Mari. Nakakaaliw naman ang essay na ito. Gusto ko rin ng ganitong ka-simpleng observation sa paligid. I wish I can have free time also going to the seaside to just observe people and the nature...

REDLAN said...

Public display of affection.

Mari said...

I added you already.

You can try the park (Luneta), at a museum, or a mall. There's always a story there.
Natuwa naman ako at naaliw ka.

LOL You know? Americans are not shy at all.

brown pinay said...

what i love about the blogs of fellow pinoys.....they become our eyes to the world...being a not so traveled person...your experiences and serves us our window to the other side of the world

Mari said...

brown pinay,
That's right. We, who have been away from home, love to see the old country as well. It is a joy for us to see pictures of our old stumping ground; it works both ways, you know?
Thanks for the visit.

nin said...

hey missy, truly delightful to see these calif pics!

just visiting, my dear lady.


Mari said...

Hey, Nini, how are yah! Nice of you to drop by.

Please come again.