Friday, January 16, 2009

Winter, or Spring?

While some parts of the nation are buried in snow, we here in Southern California are enjoying a warm and sunny weather. This is the crazy weather California is known for.

I dressed light today. I wore my big grey T-shirt and my maroon sweat pants and a pair of old sandals. I drove down the hill to the park to see what folks were up to.
(click images to enlarge)

There were a handful of people enjoying the nice spring-like temperature.

Ah! What a view! Dem thar hills have no snow. No need to bundle up tonight.

Hello down there! Down there is our postage stamp downtown. A little community. It is really a small part of a city, but we call it our downtown.

I got "down there" and there was the time.

And look at that temperature! Perfect day to wear a bikini. LOL Like I'm going to dare wear one. I don't even own a one-piece bathing suit. I did have a couple a long time ago, but...never mind.

Some people sat at an outdoor coffee shop to have a snack and chat.

A lady had done some shopping early in the day.

At a nearby junior high the girls' soccer team were on practice. At this time school was already out for the day.

A young man was taking his dog for a walk.

It was a little bit windy, and Old Glory was flying high. The blue sky as background was perfect. Truly a nice day.


ghee said...

wow!bilib ako Mari!your cam is always on the move pala wherever you go!darn,i wanna go to a warmer place right now,look at the temp and the weather in your place!its awesome and perfect!!

the pics tell them all!i enjoyed viewing the pics,thanx for sharing!!i think its so great to contemplate on top of the mountains...

happy weekend!!

Mari said...

Sa ngayon maganda ang panahon. Magandang mamasyal sa beach at sa park. I like this kind of weather, but, of course, it's not going to last long. We will be going back to winter again in a few days. However, we will take advantage of it and enjoy it while it lasts.

Thanks for the visit.

Nance said...

you look cool, dude! :)
i am sooo jealous! our temps this week varies from 10 (high) and 2 digits below zero (low). It's supposed to warm up next week, like 30 degrees? Our furnace is running non-stop, can't keep the house warm enough...oh well, we just have to dress in layers.
oh yes, thanks for featuring my blog, dudette! really cool! ;)

REDLAN said...

Very fine weather indeed! ganda ng view

Hi! I'm Grace said...

I envy you, Mari. You got a perfect weather there. While I am stuck in the house here because of 10 inches snow and have to wrap myself up. :(

kneeko said...

mari hahaha.. i remmber something.. whewww ang taray natakot tuloy ako hahahaha
kasi naman baka mari ako ng mari hahahha

Mari said...

Temps in the minus is cold...very cold. And your warm in the 30's is still cold for me. Hang in there, spring is almost here.

Your place is a good example of snow galore so I linked it to my post. Thanks.

Mari said...


Mari said...

Come on over here and enjoy sunny California. LOL

Mari said...

Ginising mo kasi siya. Ha ha ha

dodong flores said...

Hi, Mari. Your place looks like in the high of summer. From other bloggers' posts in the other parts of the globe. I'm only seeing snows :)

By the way, I like the way you present your essay...

Photo Cache said...

I'm telling you Mari, I for one is unhappy of Cali's unseasonably warm weather. I like to experience our winter weather of temps in the 50s with a little gray clouds/sky.

Hope you're having a good week.

Dennis Villegas said...

Wow, thank you for the wonderful walk! Ganda ng California, sana makarating din ako diyan. Buti naman di malamig dyan ano..di tulad sa Washington. Lahat ng a-attend ng Inauguration ni Pres. Obama e nakapangginaw

Mari said...

Yes, it's kind of like summer. Crazy weather.


Mari said...

photo cache,
Don't worry, our cold temps are coming back. It's already in the air. In a couple of days we'll bundle up again.

Have a good week yourself.

Mari said...

Sana nga. With your camera, you will have so many stories to tell. Sa East Coast ang masyadong malamig ngayon.

Thanks for the visit.

krystyna said...

Very nice you can show your thoughts not only through photos but through your beautiful artwork.
Love your drawing,
I dream about spring.

Best for you!

Mari said...

Thanks for the nice compliment.

ghee said...

wow!i was the first commenter pala!great!

do keep yourself warm this coming winter,Mari!

ghee said...

Hi Mari!
(ang kulit ko,hehe)

im here again coz I have an award for you!


nona said...

Perfect weather to stroll around Mari. Nice pictures...ty for sharing. Ayoko na ng maginaw, as of this time temp here is -12. No life, I always ended up snuggling under the blanket.
Uy galing ng sketch, ikaw ha...dinadaan mo sa sketch haha 'ala bang picture? *just demanding*

ev said...

We have the same weather here in Davao while some part of the country may still be encountering rain shower.Your pics. gave us the idea how an ordinary day can be extraordinary for being able to appreciate the weather, the nature and the people passing by. I can only hope more people would still learn to look at and be thankful with the ordinary details of life like you do.

You gave me a nice trip of the view Mari!:)

Mari said...

Award?! Thanks. Will run to your place and get it.

Kainis nga ang maginaw, noh?

Di ako talaban ng camera. he he he

Mari said...

Ah, you see it...what it was that I was trying to convey. Thanks.

Sidney said...

Looks like the perfect day for a walk... nice street shots !

Mari said...

Thanks for the visit. Please come again.

roentarre said...

What an interesting series of images here!

ann said...

Hi Mari! Kami rin medyo ok na ang weather dito. Medyo busy pa lang talaga. Thanks sa dalaw ha.

I'll be updating soon..miss ko na rin magblog.