Monday, January 12, 2009

She purred her last.

A quick sketch in pencil on paper.

Miss Eartha Kitt, a legendary singer had passed on Dec. 25, 2008. She left grieving fans from all over the world. Miss Kitt performed on Broadway, starred in movies, tv, and performed in night clubs as well. Her most memorable performance on tv was as Catwoman in the Batman series.

One of her most popular songs that I remember was C'est si bon. I, however, was surprised to hear her sing the Tagalog song Waray Waray. This was originally sang in Tagalog by the late Nida Blanca.

I love listening to her sing this song. It suited her voice and her style; it seemed it was composed for her alone. And one thing I noticed, her pronunciations of the Tagalog words were perfect.

The world will miss Eartha Kitt.

More about Ms. Kitt here and here.


Dennis Villegas said...

Wow Eartha Kitt singing Waray waray in perfect pronounciation! That is just so cool, Mari! thanks for sharing!
(Too bad she died already, though)

dodong flores said...

I haven't heard of her, not just yet until you featured her here in your post. It's amazing to know that some foreign tongue got interested in singing one Filipino song...

Rest in peace, Ms. Kitt...

REDLAN said...

galing niya no? kaso namatay na.

SALEEL said...

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Nance said...

We lost another legend...I love her rendition of Santa Baby. That Waray Waray song is news to me, mari, she sang it beautifully! AND your drawing captured her likeness, really looks like her when she was younger. A very nice job! ;)

Mari said...

My pleasure to share.
She died of colon cancer; and performed till last year, 2008.

She had been in the entertainment business for decades. Waray Waray was one of foreign songs she sang in her album.

Mari said...

Oo galing nga niya.

I did add you already.

I love her own rendition of the Waray song. It's included in one of her albums.
I got a little close to her likeness.

niar said...

hi Mari,
Although I dont know much bout Eartha Kitt, but I am so sorry to know your one of favorite singer has passed away.
May the lord comfort her, rest in peace...

Mari said...

Thanks for your comforting words.

ev said...

I just thought of your paintings and see you have the touch still!:)

Oh, how sad hearing about her..but surely she was already fulfilled as a person. Just knowing her rendition of Waray-Waray..her being Catwoman and those roles she did play..i must say, she really had the talent. May she live peacefully in eternity.

Hi! I'm Grace said...

I'm sorry to hear that Eartha Kitt passed away already... :(
Another good artist gone.

Mari said...

Yes, she truly was talented.

Sad isn't it?

ghee said...

RIP to her...on Christmas Day pa ano?
ang cute ng song nya,especially nung sinabi nyang "togalog",in fairness,super galing nga ng accent nya!mas magaling pa ang pag kanta nya kesa sa mga filipino artists,LOL!

Mari said...

Nakakatuwa ngang pakinggan ang kanta niya. I like it more than other singers' rendition. In her own style she gave feeling into the song. I found out that she also sang a Turkish song; a Japanese and an Arabian song. And maybe other languages as well.

nona said...

Aww..lungkot naman. May she rest in peace now. Thanks for featuring her Mari, in fact ngayon ko lang siya nakilala.

Anonymous said...

ganda........natuwa ako,
naka---tawa pa.

Rest in Peace...Amen

thanks again

Mari said...

She was one of the greatest entertainers of our time.

Thanks for the visit.