Friday, December 01, 2006

At the Pier

Saturday, Nov. 25.
A stroll at the Redondo Beach Pier and International Boardwalk after a seafood lunch resulted in shots of our feathered friends.

A one legged pigeon, who manages to hop with his stumpy leg while it scrounges for food. I wonder what happened to it?

Sharing man's contraption, quenching its thirst.

A stork on flight.
Would it be bringing a baby to a new mother?

A casualty of man's carelessness.
A fishing nylon is wound around its leg constricting blood flow to its foot, which hangs limply. It hops around on one leg. This bird needs help, but doesn't trust man who gets near it.

Planter with red flowers on the boardwalk.



nancy said...

tweet tweet tweet daw, from our parakeet! lol
nice photograpy, Mari! you'll always finding unsual subjects, thanks for sharing!


nini said...

Mari, I miss Redondo Beach! Thanks for these pics, I miss the place more wahhh Love the flowers too, the brightness against the harbor mist.


Mari said...

Nancy, you're welcome. These birds flock at the pier and boardwalk, and they're very interesting subjects. I've seen some of them dive in the water to catch fish, but that time I forgot to bring my camera--I left it at home.

Nini, sorry you miss the place, come back. I have more pics, but they are in my pc. Will post more of it when it's up and running.

Thanks you two for visiting.