Friday, December 08, 2006


Parcel post by USPS
It'd be there the soonest.
Handle with care,
Please do not tear.
Do not bump
On a hump.
Do not crunch,
I'll give you a punch.
Come what may
Bring to her doorway.
It'd be there by Monday,
If not maybe Tuesday.
Mr. Mailman do not delay.
She'd been waiting so many days,
Dreaming of it in so many ways.
Parcel post by USPS
It'd be there the soonest.


nini said...

lol, is this for me??? hehe...i have to give u my new addy really quick

Mari said...

Too late. It's on its way...and could be there tomorrow or Tuesday.

Nini said...

Lovely, lovely lovely! Just like what my mom said "that's a real painting" and looked at me with meaning lol lol

Mari, you painting is actually more beautiful than what's shown here. THANK YOU AGAIN!!!


Mari said...

Tell mommie dearest not to rush, you'll get there soon as you can.

You're always welcome.