Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Young Artist

This young very talented artist is not bothered at all by people milling and kibitzing around her as she draws her 4-year-old subject. She concentrates and focuses, as she listens at the same time, on her iPod. At first she sat quietly at a table then drew a gentleman sitting across the table from her. It impressed everyone, including me. The gentleman offered her a couple of dollars, which she refused, but relented on the insistence of the gentleman. More people came to her to be drawn and they all offered gratuity which she promptly took. In the end she made money enough to buy her 2 orders of quarter pounder combos at McDonald's.

She's 14 years old, the granddaughter of one of the guests at the Christmas Eve party. She likes to draw anime characters, the favorite of young people like her. She handled her pencil like a pro, stopping only to look at her subject and then continue to draw on the paper. She draws her lines fast, no hesitancy, no mulling...she's very confident.

At work and (background) her squirming, uneasy 4-year-old subject.

The finished likeness and the shy, unwilling subject.


Pinay Rosas said...

Boy, this girl is very talented at such young age! We'll probably see her working for Disney someday!


Mari said...

What more when she gets to her 20s. Everyone planned to frame their likeness, though they were drawn on ruled paper...she ran out of drawing paper. Yeah, she'll make money, at parties and Disney.

Dennis said...

yes, very talented, i agree! thanks for sharing!

Mari said...

You're welcome, Dennis. And thanks for dropping by.