Friday, December 22, 2006

Night Delivery

UPS man came a-knocking
At my door left something.
Lo and behold! What have we got?
A Christmassy looking box
It has some nuts
And other whatnots.
A couple of delicious red apples,
Some sweets of truffles.
Umm, said Mick,
As the chocolate he licks.
Love those pears and cheese,
He eyes them and gives me a kiss.

Thank you UPS man
Send my love to that friend
Who had sent...
The lovely present
As sweet as she,
None other than Nini.

Thanks my friend, I love it.

Psst. For perfect ball shape I used a template.


nini said...

this is the first time i have tried harryndavid. am a happy camper so far, will visit them again definitely.

thanks for the feedback.


Mari said...

Thanks, Nini. They are almost gone...LOL You know Mick doesn't like sweets so they are all for me...and that, actually, is not good...more pounds of flesh at the wrong places. He he he, but they are delish!