Monday, April 23, 2007

Can't Leave Home Without It.

I pulled my pants on, a knit shirt, slid on my flat shoes, grabbed my purse and headed for the door. My husband and I are going shopping for our groceries. But before shopping I'm going to send a package to a friend, so we'll stop by the post office before going to the market. I took the package with me. I have my purse with me already, but it seems light, not it's usual weight. Something is amiss. I went back upstairs, checked on the night table to see if it's there. No, it's not there. To the home office, where my computer is and where I usually put that thing, it's not there. It's not in the bathroom either. I went back downstairs to see if I missed it; in the kitchen; in the den; and in the living room. It's not in any of those places. Now where is that thing? Where did I lay it on? I went back upstairs again. Maybe I missed a room or I just didn't see it. While climbing the stairs, something clicked in my head. I have not checked the room on my right--that little room I call my studio; the place where I do my work and put all my junk on the drawing table. Aah, I was right, it's there.

Years ago when I leave the house I take my purse filled with my survival paraphernalia for the day, like a lipstick, a compact, keys, driver's license, my wallet and other little whatnot. I survive the day with these junk in my purse.

Nowadays, I can't leave home without this little gizmo. I have to turn the house upside down to look for it before heading out the door. It's now a necessity, this little thing that connects me to all while I'm on the go, this little thing called...cellphone.


sasha said...

So true! Cellphone nowadays has become a necessity already that it's just not right when you're without it. Hehehe... It's like it's already a part of your hand that you miss when it's not with you.

I also have a "junk" purse that includes among others my passport :)

Happy Tuesday, Mari! I'm now doing the meme ;)

cat said...

I sometimes leave(intentionally) my phone in our house and my sis would just rant how I could just leave a small gadget that would turn handy in case of emergency.

Anyways, your post reminded me my Mom. Aside from the fact that she's an amazing mom, she is sometimes forgetful. There was the time when she couldn't find her purse, we were in the market that time, we searced every place we could think of, then she found out that all along, her purse was just clasped between her armpit.

tina said...

Ohh cellphone! I cant leave without it specially if i have an appointment outside... hehe

Mari said...

Sasha, now that we have this little gadget, we can't seem to live without it. We were fine before with just those telephone booths. LOL

Got your passport ready when you think of hopping on a plane to go shopping for more junk. LOL

Thanks for dropping by, and for doing the meme. :-)

Cat, that's what they are for...emergency. LOL

Your mom is funny. Just like those people who put their glasses on their heads and forget where it is. LOL

Tina, yes, we can't leave home without it.

sexy mom said...

and i wonder why, it is almost always misplaced! this wonder, this gadget, this cellphone connects us to our families, to the world. when years ago, we didn't even have cellphones, but we survived just the same.

i wonder, what next?

sasha said...

Yes, so that when a friend suddenly wants me to go with her to Hongkong or Singapore or Malaysia, my passport is ready! Hahahaha

Sorry the meme was written on a sad note. Terribly miss my mom yesterday.

Happy Wednesday, Mari! :)

Ebb Tide said...

As you know I am hearing impaired and for 20 years I couldn't hear the regular phone. Many years after my cochlear implant surgery, one of my greatest blessing in life is being able to hear the new cell phone. Thank God for this new technology. Well, not only can't I leave home without it, I can't "LIVE" without it. How will I hear my husband's voice without it?

Honney said...

you're not alone! i guess everyone nowadays can't live without it.

but you know what, i have this friend who prefers not to have a cellphone...EVER. and i find it weird. hahaha.

Honney said...

sure we can link ex!!! thanks.

Mari said...

Sexy Mom, yes, we can't seem to survive without it. This reminds me of a friend's son who, when he learned their microwave oven broken down, said, "What are we going to do now?" Funny. There's the stove, sonny.

Yes, what is next?

Sasha, that's the great thing about being single, you can pack up anytime and head out there whenever you want. Enjoy it while you can.

Don't worry, I know you missed your mom. I feel the same way too, when I think of my mom and those days with her and I get teary now.

Thanks for coming and you have a great day as well.

Ebb Tide, of course, hearing your husband's voice is the greatest sound you would want to hear. Can't live without that.

Thanks for dropping me a line.

Honney, if we don't have the latest gizmo, it's like, where have you been? Right? Ha ha

Your friend is weird, really.

The first few months I had my cp I never told my boss I have one. I didn't want her to get in touch with me when I'm out of the office. LOL But one day while we were having lunch, it rang. Ha ha...and she said, "I didn't know you have a cellphone." ehe ehe

Thanks, I will link you.

ghee said...

oh yes,Mari,its so true.minsan nga,i forgot my wallet but not my cell phone :)talagang binabalikan ko sha kahit na medyo malayo pa ako :)

so cool that you have that "art" room pala,i wonder what it looks like :)

i kept on thinking the thing that you were missing until i reached the end of your post,hehe..pinag isip mo rin ako dun!

happy weekend,Mari!!

Mari said...

Ghee, nowadays it's the one thing we couldn't live without.

My studio is a mess, you wouldn't want to be there. LOL I clean it up and organize it then in a couple days, it goes back to it's messy condition again.

Have a great anniversary celebration. Muah!

ann said...

Hahaha! That's true. Our flat is in 3rd floor w/o elevator pero binabalikan ko yan talaga pag wala sa bag ko.

Mari said...

Ann, isa na sa pampabigat ng bag natin, pero di bale, di tayo aalis ng bahay kung wala iyan. Naku, 3rd floor ka pa pala, di exercise pa iyan para sa iyo. Ha ha ha

Salamat sa comment mo.

vk said...

I do this also.........I forgot the key at the doorknob inside in our flat....then closed the door...

then i remember the key was still at the doorknob inside.....oh, i like to cry, cause i am in a hurry then the keys was inside, i can’t go away or either go

What i do, i walked to my mom-in-law, because she has an extra key in our flat....

Thanks she lived here also in our town, but a little bit

there is also one time, i go grocery, put all what i want in the cart, then in the cashier........oh my wallet is in the other bag....i have to go home again and got it....and my grocery items left at the super

See what a works it is………

Sometimes, we forget something; we think that everything is already at our hand.....

Thanks for sharing......

Mari said...

Vk, oh my, your experience is worse than mine. That's hard.

Something like that happened to my friend, but it's her car. She left the key inside and the engine is running, but the door is locked. I have to drive her to her house to get her spare key. LOL...she is very forgetful.

Thanks for sharing your experience.