Sunday, April 15, 2007

A Real Mom

I have been tagged by the lovely, gentle, compassionate and romantic writer Ghee. Thanks for the tag!

Here are the rules, put up a post "Real Moms (insert what they do here)", followed by an explanation, a photo, and a "Real Moms. Making...". Then tag five people.

Real moms are super. They can do anything; they can leap tall buildings; fly like a bird; and are strong they can carry heavy loads like a cruise ship. Hmmm, sounds like Wonder Woman.

A real mom knows all the answer. Guides and helps with the homework, and can say the multiplication table by heart. NOT! So I made Eddie memorize the table himself. He he he

A real mom is fearless. She can enter a dark room without fear of ghosts coming out from the dark corners. Little Sue got her fearlessness from mom, but she can't eat balut like her (mom).

A real mom doesn't get sick. She has to be up and about, to do her motherly duties to all--kids and hubby, even if she's running a fever and feels yucky.

A real mom never gets tired. She'll do everything to help her kids without rest. Ay, hirap talaga.

A real mom makes everything better. She can kiss that bruise away and reassures that everything will be alright by her warm hug.

A real mom guides and teaches what is wrong and right; how her kids should behave when, where and with whom. She's their best buddy, their confidante and playmate...but she's still the mom who disciplines them.


Now I'm tagging Nona and Ann, who are both mothers, and since I don't know any other mothers here I'll tag some singles. They'll write what they think of their moms or what their moms do. The young ladies are: Tina, Sasha and Cat.


cat said...

Hello Mari, thanks for tagging me, I'm happy to oblige:)

If I just summarize this, moms are really super;)

sexy mom said...

true true to all that you have written. makes me wonder--real moms are humans, wonder humans!

sasha said...

Hi Mari! Super mom ka rin pala like ate Ghee! :)

Hiram maging mom ano? Never been one pa pero considering I saw how my mom sacrificed a lot for us and most of my friends are married women, I do know how hard it is to be a mom :)

Will do this tag on my next post... thanks for tagging, Mari!

Happy Monday to you!

Mari said...
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Mari said...

cat: Thank you so much. I agree real moms are super.

sexy mom: Aah, I know you can relate. Thanks for dropping by.

sasha: Oh Yes, you can talk about your mom. I'm sure she's super, she brought up a nice, smart and intelligent young lady like you.

Thanks for obliging.

tina said...

soo true the post!

Ok ill be doing this tag na.. thanks for the tag btw. :P

Mari said...

tina: Yehey! Thank you so much.

ann said...

Hello Mari! Sarap at mahirap talaga maging real mom. Loving your kids unconditionally.

Thanks for the tag. I'll find time to do it.

Shoshana said...

Mari...I like your post! Yep, it seems like there's no sick day for Mom!

ghee said...

Hi Mari!thanx for doping the tag and the compliments as well :)

totoo lahat yang sinabi mo,moms are fearless,di takot sa multo,haha!at bawal magkasakit,kaya ako,tuwing holidays lang nagkakasakit,para siguradong may mag aalaga sa akin :)

tagged ko na rin si Ann ah?double tagged sha ngayon,LOL!

good evening sa yo,Mari!

Mari said...

ann: Oo nga, masarap na mahirap ang maging ina. Now we know.

I didn't know you were tagged by Ghee, just do one for both of us.


shoshana: Thank you. Totoo, walang sick day si inang.

ghee: You're welcome!

Of course, we can't be sick...never. LOL

Isa na lang ang gagawin ni Ann. Iba na talaga ang popular ano? dodoble pa ang tag.

Thanks for the tag.

sasha said...

Mari, next post ko na talaga promise :) Happy Thursday!

Ebb Tide said...

Hi Mari! As a mother of 4, what you said is very true. I didn't know why I never got sick when my children were small.

Mari said...

sasha: Okay. Thanks.

ebb tide: Yes, we can never get sick. If we do, the laundry will pile up, the dishes will pile up, the house get the idea.

Thanks for dropping by.

nona said...

hi Mari!!! miss you too :) been busy, I'm sorry for not visiting here lately. Thanks for tagging me, I'll do it for you ...walang kawala hehehe.
Being a mom is not an obligation it's a commitment. I agree with you, super mom! congrats! :)

JMom said...

Hi mari, thanks for the visit and leaving a comment. I was here bloghopping yesterday but didn't leave a comment. I liked what you have written here about moms.

Hey, mari, you never know, we probably have people who know each other. lol! I also have lots of family still in CA. I see you and ebb tide are in CA also? You never know, we may be connected somehow. What is that thing again about six degrees? ;-)

Mari said...

nona: Take your time. I know you're in the process of moving.

Thanks for acknowledging. Muahhh!

jmom: Thanks for coming and posting a comment. Had I known you before I could've tagged you. Ha ha ha

Oh, yes, we never know I must've met some of your kin...and maybe we are related. Ebb and I live about 6 miles away from each other. She was the one who encouraged me to join the art class back in 1995. We both have dropped out of the class...psssttt...she knew more than the art teacher. ;-)

ghee said...

Hi Mari!happy weekend!

may typo pala ako sa comment ko,i meant doing*,not doping,hahaha!
natawa ako sa sarili kong gawa :)

Mari said...

ghee: I knew that was a typo, but it did sound weird. Ha ha ha Don't worry, we're all mature people here and no one's going to point a finger at you and laugh. :-)

Have a great weekend. Muah!