Monday, April 02, 2007

Scenes In and Around the Valley


Spring has come. Flowers have sprung, wild and otherwise.


African daisies

Potisporum tobira
The scent of these flowers reminds me of sampaguita.

Bees have followed the sweet aroma of this dandelion flower....
...and these violet sedum flowers.
It's nesting time for our feathered friend here with two of her chicks. She's lucky to have hatched them before a cat got to them. Last year there were 4 birds nesting on my trellis and all nests were attacked by something--cat, rat or lizard--and the eggs were all cracked open on the ground.

Could this lizard be one of the culprits?


Wild hair style

Pants - as low as they can.

Fancy back pocket design.


Dancing clouds

The wild one

The eagle...

...and sunset over the valley.


nini said...

what a day opener this post is!!! luv it, luv it.


ann said...

I enjoyed viewing your pix here , specially the sunset. Ang ganda ng color.

ghee said...

wowwww!!cool pix!!i love them,Mari!
puro wildflowers lang ba sila?

al of them are great,dun sa fashion,naalala ko yung eldest ko,ganyan din sila,lalo na pag ang suot ay yung tracksuits nila,halos mahulog n yata,laging may sermon sa akin,hahaha!

the clouds are beautiful,too!

tina said...

Wow... spring!!! I love spring (even though spring is nonexistent here in Pinas) hehe. :P Lovely floweerrrss.... :P

and lovely cloud picturess.. soo nice.

Mari said...

nini: Thanks for dropping by.

ann: Yes, sunset has the most beautiful color of the day, and so with sunrise. Thanks for dropping me a line.

ghee: The yellow ones are wild flowers...from my backyard.

Nakakatuwa ang kabataan talaga. The kid with the wild hair came in the fast food resto where my friends and I were having lunch, and I pulled my camera phone and zoomed in on him. Later I edited it to hide his face. The falling pants at the mall I took with my cp, as well.

Siguro gusto na ng anak mong mapagod ka sa kase-sermon. ha ha

Thanks for dropping by.

tina: It could be spring any time in the Phil. You get all the color of flowers there, rainy season and dry season.

Yes, the clouds make lovely shapes.


sexy mom said...

thanks for sharing the wonderful photos

Mari said...

You're welcome Sexy Mom, and thanks for dropping by.