Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Nothing Much Going On

Update...this just in...

I've been busy lately taking a nap on the couch. He he he...so now it's midnight and I'm wide awake. I was making a box earlier this afternoon getting ready to pack something. I would soon send this thing away and bid it good bye. I'm having second thoughts about it, if I should send it away. But...sigh...I have to.

Fill in the void...

Just like it said, fill in the void. There's nothing much going on. So, in the meantime, I'm going to post a short poem I wrote as a comment to my friend Nini. I've been thinking of doing this for quite sometime now, but I've been napping too much, my hair in back have been rubbed off and my scalp is showing already. Time to do something more productive, like take a walk to the fridge and get some ice cream.

Now with the poem, but first let me quote what Nini wrote.

"Just Vanity

Logging the time
Counting calories
Making the trips
Diet to keep
There’s but a face
I still chase ...
Of years ago :-) "

My response.

Mine of years ago
Now that face I don't know.
Over the years,
Wrinkle here and there,
Have come
And have not gone.
I chased,
It was a waste.
It picked up speed
down the hill like a sled.
I gave up...
I'm grown up,
And grown old
With so many folds.
They are here to stay
And I can say,
Been there, done that.


ghee said...

awww,thats a nice post,Mari!
i can relate,i guess,haha!
but hey,dont ever think that you are old,keep that youth in your heart :)

nini said...

hehe... don't give up the race, we're still in the running, amiga. too early...


cat said...

hello there, bloghop here

oh, i miss taking a nap and wake up anytime I want!hehehe

tina said...

everyday's a beginning.. and no one's too old.. ;p

seems like youre having lazy days... hehe :P thats something i should try one of these days... for a day lang. hehe

sexy mom said...

i like your free flowing verses

and look at this, part of a poem i wrote in my blog

Oh, my youth
Almost perfect
Whistle bait figure
Skin romancing the wind
With its youthful glow
Hair dancing to the sun’s delight
Lips puckering, they could kill
Eyes luring, intoxicating the prey
Legs wowing
Enchanting days of my youth

Now nearing my golden years
Far from perfect
A waistline bursting in the seams
Boobs crying for support
Greying hair peeping, sometimes hiding
Tiny varicoses seeping through my legs
Patches of skin discoloration here and there
Lasered eyes, drooping cheeks
Eyelids in need of a lift

sexy mom said...

i forgot--i don't think you should be thinking that way, you are far too young, dear!!!

cat said...

hello Mari

Thanks for dropping by in my site..Feel free to link me, i linked you up already:)

Mari said...

ghee: Oh, yes, will stay young at heart. Thanks for dropping by.

nini: Okey, I'll join you. Ha ha...thanks again, friend.

cat: Just do a catnap...it will refresh and energize you. Thanks for hopping here.

tina: "...no one's too old..." is right.

A once in a while lazy days is great, it's refreshing. Go, try it.

Thanks for dropping me a line.

sexy mom: Yes, those were the days...days of our youth. But, we could still be in the running like Nini said.

Chase, chase,
that face
of our youth. LOL

Thanks for posting your poem. I love it.

sasha said...

Hi Mari! Nice post! Natuwa ako sa poem :)

Thanks for the comment pala sa Panagbenga post ko. Sure, ex-link tayo. Link na kita ngaun na :)

Happy Thursday!

ghee said...

Hi Mari!i tagged you this time. :)
check it out later,okay?
happy friday!!

Mari said...

sasha: Thanks for dropping a line.

ghee: He he...homework...now you gave me something to post about. Thanks.

sasha said...

Sa akin nao-order ang garden ni Nona, Mari! Hehehe

Happy weekend! :)

Mari said...

sasha: Wow! You are great. Very creative and very nice design. I love it.

Thanks, and have a great weekend yourself.

ann said...

Hello Mari! Why are you having second thought on sending away the box? What's inside? Memorable maybe?

Mari said...

ann: It was something I created a while back. You will know later on what it is. Hi hi...sekreto pa kunwari.

Thanks for visiting.