Sunday, April 29, 2007

Good-bye my gumamelas.

It's time to say good-bye to my gumamela paintings (click here). I have enjoyed them for a while, but now I'm sending them away. A lady in New York wanted to have them.

I pulled a spare balikbayan box from behind a wall unit and fashioned a small box that would fit 2-16" x 12" oil paintings.

I then wrapped the paintings in plastic then carefully wrapped it again in bubble wrap...

closed the box...sealed it...typed the recipient's address on a piece of paper, glued it on and took it to the post office for delivery and bade it farewell.

I tracked it down on the internet and it's now nearing its destination...perhaps tomorrow, Monday, or Tuesday the mailman would be knocking at her door delivering the package. It will soon hang on the wall of her home--my paintings' new home. Sniff...sniff...I'll miss them. I had them for over a year and now they are gone, my two lovely gumamela paintings. Maybe, I should make another one, and this time a larger one, and of different color. And then, maybe, send them away to another home. Or, maybe, this time I'll keep it. ;-)


DChrysalis2024 said...

Can't wait to take a smiff at those "Gumamelas" (smile) Love you, love you, love you. The "envelope" is coming your way. Thanks ....DC

cat said...

Are you a painter Mari? I saw the paintings, they are so nice.

I have a hard time parting with my things too. There was a time when I did crosstitch as a present for my bro's wedding and there was a moment when I had second thoughts but of course I gave it. I think giving or selling your things you have or make is bittersweet.

Have a good day Mari.

Mari said...

DC, don't sniff to much of it, it could get you high. LOL Yehey, thanks. Muah!

Cat, I'm a wannabe painter. I'm doing it on my spare time only. Thanks for the compliment.

I think I've seen your crosstitch. Oh, that's a nice wedding gift to your's a labor of love. Me, too, I give them--my paintings--as present to freinds. You're right when you part with them, it's bittersweet.

Have a great day, yourself.

nona said...

ok ok Mari...I'll wait for your 2nd Gumamela painting here at home. I'll hang them on my wall, promise!
hahaha! I miss you.
Sometimes ganoon talaga ang feeling natin lalo na tumagal sa atin ang isang bagay.

Mari said...

Nona, kumusta na? Long time no hear from you. I missed you, too.

Oo nga ganoon nga iyon, merong sentimental value na rin.

Thanks for coming and dropping me a line.

DChrysalis2024 said...

The package arrived, safe and sound! he he...What lovely labors of love...Can't stop sniffing..."achoo!" spring allergy's acting up! The packaging alone is already marvelous! So expertly done. Somebody should hire you just for that (winking at you). We'll take them to a framing shop. The flowers are lovely...very alive. I love the signature at the bottom. Mari you've done a great job! I will proudly display them and will show you pictures of them...Thanks again....DC

ev said...

nice paintings..and great talent....

thanks for dropping at my site.;0)

God bless...

Mari said...

DC, thanks it got there in one piece. Ha ha ha...too much sniffing of that will give you a high, or an allergy. Yeah, maybe I can double as a box designer or engineer. Hmmm...that's a fun side job.

I'm so glad you liked it. Muah!

Mari said...

Ev, thank you, I appreciate your dropping by. Please come again.

Take care.

nini said...

2 treasures today and tomorrow!!! a lucky lady DC is. and I know the feeling.


vk-mahalkaayo said...

Hi Mari,
Thanks for the visit....
Now, here the entire Italian cafes are open up to Oct., then they are closed and back to their country....Italy.
They have really a good ice cream, homemade really....

You have a good-nature talent,,,,, * Painting
* sketching
* designing
* Poetry.
I like your painting....
Is this your job?

More power to you and thanks for sharing..

Happy 1st of May.........

Thanks for the compliment:

vk said...

I'm a wannabe painter. I'm doing it on my spare time only. Thanks for the compliment.

Oh I read here, you give them as a Gift?, can you spare for me too?....
I like sketching, using charcoal or
Or any..........really it is very nice....

Summer said...

aww that's too bad, but you can always make one again naman hehe

Ebb Tide said...

Congratulations for selling your paintings. Keep on painting.

kneeko said...

nice to hear that ladies like you and nona are doing well in painting... i do love flowers also :) but most of my artworks are more on social issues or sometimes a story of my life... hehe ... and you're right, when you give your work to someone... hayyyy hard to let go.. :(

keep on painting, the more you paint (the more you live hehe) ... okiess

Mari said...

Nini, of course, of course, it's for keeps.

Hey, long time no hear from you. How about some poetry in yours?

Thanks for coming.

vk-mahalkaayo, it looks really good, the Italian made ice-cream.

Painting is only a hobby for me, my profession is architecture.

Thanks for coming.

Vk, I give my paintings or drawings to some special friends, like my former landlady on her 80th birthday; as a wedding gift to a friend, and so on. I'll see if I can spare you a pencil sketch, but not right now. I am working on a painting for a client.

It's nice to know you like sketching in pencil as well.

You have a great day.

Ebb Tide, I try to keep on know it's between chores and this and that. LOL

Thanks for dropping by.

Mari said...

Summer, yes, I'll try to make another one.

Thanks for visiting my blog.

Mari said...

Kneeko, I've seen Nona's paintings, and she's good. You're right it's hard to let know.

Yes, yes, the more you paint the more you live, and you get better as well.

Thanks, I will make a return visit, and take a look at your paintings.

sasha said...

Wow, you're a painter pala, Mari! Wow! The gumamelas are lovely! It would look beautiful near the windowsill :)

It's hard to part with something that's been with you for so long already. But just think that another person will derive pleasure from it, in the same way you did when it was with you.

God bless, Mari! Happy Wednesday! :)

kneeko said...

okies.. link done - artmates..

here's my gallery if you haven't visit yet..

tina said...

ohhh parting is such sweet sorrow. hehe quoting shakespeare here...

anyway/.. at least your painting arrived safely... :)

Cat said...

so can I have one too?hehehe

Mari nakapunta ka na ba sa house ng Sister in law ko? you know me?

Mari said...

Sasha, painting is just a hobby for me, not my profession, but, I hope to keep doing it and maybe become a better painter.

Yes, I parted with it...but...

Thanks for the visit, and have a great day.

Great, Kneeko. I'll do the same and then visit your gallery.

Tina, you're right.
"Parting is such sweet sorrow"
not really much though
when there's some dough.
He he he

Thanks for coming.

Cat, Do I know you? Gosh, I don't know. I went to your archive to find some clue, but there's none that I could see. I rocked my brain, and rolled it...LOL...but there's nothing that would lead me to you or your sis-in-law. Sorry.

Thanks for coming.

JMom said...

first, I'm impressed how you made your own box. lol!! I'm really challenged when it comes to things like that.

I can understand how hard it is to part with your paintings. My hubby just sold my favorite painting and I'm still lamenting it. My hubby is the painter not me ;)

Mari said...

Jmom, my third grade teacher taught us in class how to make a box, and I still remember that, and that was decades ago .

Oh, sad, he sold your fave. Ask him to make you one for yourself, and it is not to be sold. LOL It's great to have your own painter, no need to buy art works for your home. ;-)

Thanks for your visit.

ghee said...

heyyy,Mari,your paintings are beautiful!!ang swerte nmn nung naka receive...sana next time,makarating nmn sa Japan yan ;)

o kaya next time,mag pagame ka nmn,tapos yung winner can get something from u,yung di mo na kailangan,hehe..


ann said...

Hello Mari. Yan ba yung mga sinasabi mo sa previous post mo?

Mari said...

Ghee, maganda ba? Salamat. Exchange gift kami nung naka-receive, si DChrysalis2024, (1st comment) ang sa kanya naka-"envelope". He he he Kung sa Japan puwede ring makarating. ;-D

Hmmm, prize for game...I'll think about this.

Warm hugs to you, too.

Ann, oo, ito nga yung sinabi ko sa isang post ko.

Thanks for your visit.